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Key Keepers


The Key Keepers are exclusive members to a VIP Facebook group. You will be invited to this VIP group. These exclusive members get to shop new items the day before the general public. Once those 24 hours are up, those products will be released to the general public on the website. The Key Keepers will benefit from promotional codes that the general public will not receive. 

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Glitter Subscription Packs contain four (4) bottles of different colours of glitter. Each bottle contains two (2) ounces of glitter. These colours we aim to be new to TGV. 



  • Subscription sign-ups are open every day of the month. An announcement will be made on the Facebook page/group on the 1st of the month with that months Glitter Packs palette.

  • The cost is £32 + £6.95 shipping.

  • With this subscription you will automatically receive the Glitter Packs.

  • The benefit is you get 4 glitter colours that would usually cost anywhere from £40-£50 for only £32! 

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