Frequently asked questions

What is boutique glitter?

Boutique glitter is a high quality polyester glitter which is solvent resistant. Polyester glitter is made of a polyester fabric film that is permeated with highly pigmented color throughout, instead of being surface coated like craft glitter. Unlike craft glitter, polyester glitter, even when subjected to continuous UV light and extreme heat, does not loose its sparkle. Craft glitter is meant to be used indoors and will mattify over time. Because Polyester glitter will lay flat on a surface, it will cover up to 10X more surface area than craft glitter. Polyester glitter laying flat also reduces the amount of sanding required to make a surface smooth after applying the glitter. Polyester glitter is compatible with multiple mediums such as resin, epoxy, nail polish, makeup glue, slime and much more

What Brands of glitter do you sell?

We currently stoct glitters from PDB Creative Studio & POink and Purple Monkey

Is your glitter solvent resistant?

Yes! Our glitter is a high quality polyester glitter which is great to use under solvents like epoxy/resin.

What if an item I want is out of stock?

We are restocking popular items as quickly as possible. You have the ability to sign up for restock notifications, on each product page, via email.

Can I use a discount code on clearance items?

Clearance items are not eligible for return, refunds or exchanges. Clearance item sales are sold as is and the sale is final. If an item goes on sale after the purchase, we do not do any adjustments - even if it was that same day or within hours. Key Keeper discounts are not allowed on Clearance items.

Discount codes & Promotions

Discounts and promotions can not be used on previously placed orders for refunds. Discount and promotion codes must be used at the time of purchase. Key Keeper discounts are not allowed on Clearance items or Glitter Pack Subscriptions. Limit one code per purchase.